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International Patients

International Patients

About International Patients

Over the recent past, many patients across the globe turned towards INDIA as the most exciting option for medical tourism. The prime reason for choosing INDIA as one of the most sought after destination for medical tourism is lesser cost of the therapy.
Indian surgeons are highly skilled and competitive, backed by the WHO and US FDA. While the nation follows UV standard protocols, the difference in the surgery cost in the USA, UK, UAE is high compare with the India, this makes the India nation the best choice for medical tourism for hair transplant procedures. As per the 2020 estimates, as many as 86,644 foreign tourists arrived in India to seek some sort of medical care in the country.Wowmen Hair Transplant Clinic is one such premier clinic in Hyderabad that is at the forefront of providing medical tourism in India.

Package include the following

Every procedure performed with the most advanced Technique End-to-end procedure performed by a highly experienced surgeon and team 1 Growth Concentrate Therapy -GFC worth US$ 200

Post-Operative Kit- (Shampoo, Supplement, & Spray Bottle)

Airport pickup and drop

Hotel booking assistance at corporate rates

Post-operative care- Head-wash, Bandage removal & regular follow-ups