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About Us

About us

About Us

Welcome to Wowmen Hairtransplant Clinic

Wowmen clinic is a leading Hairtransplant clinic in Hyderabad offering wide range of Hairloss Treatments including Hairtransplantation ( Fue Technique ) ,Direct Hair Implantation ( DHI ),Eyebrow , Scalp Micropigmentation , Eyebrow Transplantation , Bear Transplant in Hyderabad.
Wowmen Clinic is one of the best Hair Transplant clinics in Hyderabad working towards a complete solution for your hair issues , irrespective of how deep rooted the problem is.

We understand your Hair

Our experts spend time evaluating your hair by doing Hair Analysis before recommending any treatment plan.

Our Clinic motto

Wowmen hair transplant has experienced surgeons who haa consistently notched maximum success rate in Hair Transplant results . We make our patients to feel comfortable and give the best natural results at affordable prices.

Customised 360 Degree Solutions

Irrespective of your age, medical conditions , type of baldness or several types of hair loss attributed to the likes of DHT & thyroid hormone, dandruff, dermatitis , fungal infections, nutritional deficiencies, psoriasis , chemical colouration, autoimmune disorders, & climatic factors And conditions like androgenic alopecia involving alopecia , alopecia areata , alopecia totalis , Anaheim effluvium , telogen effluvium or trichotillomania , tines capitis.

We believe in affordable Hair Transplantation for all.